About me:

Hey! My name is Jaylee. When I think back to how i became INTERESTED in PHOTOGRAPHY, it all started in middle school. I wasn't the most athletic kid out there, once in middle school i tired out for the school volley ball team and was offered the back up manager POSITION. Back up people. lucky for me, the first option for the manager declined the offer so i was now the middle school volley ball manager. Cha ching. Not. THat was an embarrassing story. The days of middle school i did enjoy were those speny in art, music, and writing classes. I can't draw to save my life-But something about that ability to think of something in your head and then go out and create it had me hooked. and ever since then i have been on an ongoing journey to fuel my creative side. Still to this day I am in complete awe of how God created us to create. in the BEGINNING he spoke the world into motion And now we are able to have these ideas in our head and then go do them. To me my creative journey connects me to my creator and shows me over and over how I was created in his image.

  It started out as small crafts- I wanted something, well then youtube would teach me and I would make it myslef. But the thing is, the other half of my brain that isn't filled with creative drive, is all business. I knew what i wanted and wasn't going to let anyone stop me from getting there. So by HIGH SCHOOL I opened up my first business, i made HAIR BOWS and sold them online. Both sides of my PERSONALLY were being fueled and I was working for my self in high school-life couldn't of gotten any better. Reality is, after two years I got really bored with that business, I had started taking my own pictures for my business and i completely fell in love. I soon started pouring my everything into photography, I closed down my little shop and have never looked back. I was able to work for my self once again all through college and I am so THANKFUl for that. Now today, i work as an occupational therapy ASSISTANT with PEDIATRICS during the week, where I help kids with DISABILITIES reach milestones of independence in their lifes. And I focus ON PHOTOGRAPHY during the WEEKEND, where I am able to connect with people and CREATIVELY capture their story. I ABSOLUTEly love my jobs and i am so thankful for them.

The past two years of PHOTOGRAPHY has changed A LOT of things for me. I have a very introverted personality and often get social anxiety. My idea of a perfect day is just not leaving the house. Can i get an amen? I can get overwhelmed easily, so for me the easist way to deal with that, was to just not do anything. Photography has helped me in two ways MAINLY, it has helped me to learn to love meeting new people and connecting with them. BUt those hours i spend on my computer editing at home have also helped me clear my mind and rejuvenate me.

With all that time i spend at home, I enjoy collecting plants. I have close to twenty indoor plants and no plans of not buying more. I know, RIDICULOUS right? Someone needs to stop me. I also love some good food, CHIPOTLE's rice and pei wei's sweet and sour sauce if we want to get specific. DUe to me having the most dramatic food allergies- those are some of the only fast food places i can eat at, so lets just say I go so often that the workers may or may not know my order. I also have four little  sisters who my parents adopted out of foster care, that I ABSOLUTE adore. I spend lots of time painting, having dance parties, and braiding hair. 

am the most INSPIRED by the innocence of childhood, the power of motherhood, and the nature all around us. But most IMPORTANTLY i am INSPIRED by my savior, to create, love others, accept all, and be his hands and feet. My photography style is film based. my photographs are warm, moody, and connected. My sessions are relaxed and free spirited. I want all to come just as they are and feel accepted and welcome, just as our savior has modeled for us. So let's hang out soon!