There is one thing that drives me crazy more than anything else: the assumption that children are expected to hold still and give fake smiles at a photoshoot. And when that is the expectation the photoshoot goes a little like this: the kid can't hold still, parents try to bribe, kid runs away, kid is crying, now the kid is throwing a tantrum, now the kid won't smile, now the kid is smiling but not looking at the camera, now the parent is threatening to take away toys, parent is frustrated, parent is stressed, kid is stressed, everyone is stressed!!! Sound familiar? Ya, it sounds way too familiar unfortunately. I am tired of that. I want to change that. I have made it a personal commitment to change the way children's photoshoots operate. My rule is that a child can do no wrong at a photoshoot. If they want to move then we will run and dance. If they are shy, then I will capture their sweet personality.  I want parents to feel safe, where they don't have to apologize for their child just being their self. I want parents and their kids to come feeling welcomed and accepted. All children of all diversities and abilities are welcome. Just as they are. Come let's have so much fun! 

  • $200
  • 1 hour
  • Outdoor location
  • Minimum of 50 edited digital pictures for download 
  • Print Release 
  • 1-2 outfit changes